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  hold the jubilee
X International Scientific Conference on


20-23 August 2018
(Minsk, Belarus)

Invitation to FNCM-2018

Dear Colleagues! A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus holds the jubilee X International Scientific Conference on Fullerenes and Nanostructures in Condensed Media from 20 till 23 August, 2018.

The Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the Conference.

The purpose of the Conference is to exchange new ideas and scientific and technical information, to identify promising ways of creating and developing new equipment and technologies, to consider the questions of training specialists in nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.

Within the framework of the Conference, it is possible to advertise and present Companies and different organizations.


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Topics of the Conference

1. Fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, nanostructures, small particles and clusters, chemically modified nanoparticles and their properties.
2. Physical and chemical principles as well as methods of synthesizing fullerenes, different-nature nanostructures and materials based on them.
3. Physical, physical and chemical, and biochemical properties of materials with nanostructures.
4. Application of nanostructures and nanomaterials.
5. Additive technologies.
6. Questions of training specialists in nanotechnology.

In addition to plenary and sectional sessions, round tables will be organized:
  • problems of training specialists in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies;
  • proposals and requests for innovative projects in the field of nanostructures and nanomaterials.
Working languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

Main Dates

 Submission of papers  until 15.05.2018
 Execution of documents for payment  15.05.2018 - 15.07.2018
 Payment of a registration fee by bank transfer  until 15.07.2018
 Opening of the Conference  20.08.2018
 Closing of the Conference  23.08.2018

Publication of Conference Proceedings

Scientific materials of participants will be published in peer-reviewed collections of scientific articles to the beginning of the Conference.
Papers (up to six full pages of the А5 format) should be sent by e-mail  until 15 May 2018.

Amount and Terms of Payment of Registration Fee

Category of participants Until 15.07.2018 After 15.07.2018
CIS 120 EUR 150 EUR
Non-CIS 180 EUR 200 EUR
Postgraduates, students 75 EUR 100 EUR
Participation without a report Paid according to the tariff of the corresponding category
Distance participation 40 EUR 60 EUR
Placement of advertising at the Conference in collections of scientific articles Depending on volume, color grade and other conditions – by agreement

Without payment, the submitted materials are not published.

Payment of registration fee for one-person conference participation includes:
  • participation in the Conference (in plenary and sectional sessions, round tables);
  • publication of Conference Proceedings and Program;
  • coffee breaks and a cultural program on site.
Conference Venue: Minsk, 15 P. Brovka Str., A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of NAS Belarus

International Organizing Committee

  • Vityaz Petr Aleksandrovich, NAS Belarus, Belarus – Chairman 
  • Penyazkov Oleg Glebovich,  HMTI NAS Belarus, Belarus – Co-Chairman
  • Alymov Mikhail Ivanovich, IPCP RAS, Russia – Co-Chairman
  • Ivasishin Orest Mikhailovich, IМP NAS Ukraine, Ukraine – Co-Chairman
  • Shpilevsky Eduard Mikhailovich, HMTI NAS Belarus, Belarus – Conference Secretary 
  • Gaponenko Sergey Vasilievich, BRFFR, Belarus 
  • Davaasambuu Jаvyn, NUМ, Mongolia
  • Zhdanok Sergey Aleksandrovich, RANI, Belarus
  • Kulish Nikolai Polikarpovich, KSU, Ukraine
  • Labunov Vladimir Arkhipovich, BSUIR, Belarus
  • Laskovnev Alekcandr Petrovich,
  • Marukovich Evgenii Ignatievich, ITM NAS Belarus, Belarus
  • Mukhiddinov Bakhodir Fakhriddinovich, NSMI, Uzbekistan
  • Myshkin Nikolai Konstantinovich, IMPS NAS Belarus, Belarus
  • Orlovich Valentin Antonovich, BRFFR, Belarus
  • Ramazanov Makhammadali Akhmad ogly, BSU, Azerbaijan 
  • Rubanik Vasilii Vasilievich, IТА NAS Belarus, Belarus
  • Trukhanov Aleksey Leonidovich, RANI, Belarus
  • Fedosyuk Valerii Mikhailovich, SPC for Materials Technology of NAS Belarus, Belarus
  • Chizhik Sergey Antonovich, Presidium NAS Belarus, Belarus 

Program Сommittee of the Сonference

  • Astashinsky Valentin Mironovich,  HMTI NAS Belarus, Belarus – Chairman
  • Filatov Sergey Aleksandrovich, HMTI NAS Belarus, Belarus – Co-Chairma
  • Matveeva Lyudmila Aleksandrovna,  ISP NAS Ukraine, Ukraine – Co-Chairman
  • Таrasov Boris Petrovich, IPCP RAS, Russia – Co-Chairman
  • Zhornik Viktor Ivanovich,  UМI NAS Belarus, Belarus – Scientific Secretary
  • Belyanin Aleksey Fedorovich, CSRI “Tekhnomash”, Russia
  • Gorokh Gennadii Georgievich, BSUIR, Belarus
  • Каzachenko Viktor Pavlovich, RANI, Belarus
  • Каrbovsky Vladimir Leonidovich, MPI NAS Ukraina
  • Коmarov Fadei Fadeevich,  BSU, Belarus
  • Lepikh Yaroslav Ilich,  OSU, Ukraine
  • Nuretdinov Ildus Aglyamovich,  ТаtNAS, Russia
  • Poklonsky Nikolai Aleksandrovich, BSU, Belarus
  • Svidunovich Nikolai Aleksandrovich, BSTU, Belarus
  • Shulga Yurii Makarovich, IPCP RAS, Russia 
  • Shilagardi Golimensi, NUM, Mongolia

National Orginizing Committee of the Conference FNCM-2018

  • Penyazkov Oleg Glebovich, HMTI NAS Belarus – Chairman
  • Ilyushchenko Aleksandr Fedorovich, SHSО of Powder Metallurgy of NAS Belarus – Co-Chairman
  • Bikbulatov Vitalii Yurievich, HMTI NAS Belarus
  • Gorokh Gennadii Georgievich, BSUIR
  • Dolgikh Mikhail Nikolaevich, HMTI NAS Belarus
  • Zhaafar Kseniya Eduardovna, Education Center “PROFI”
  • Roshchina Svetlana Pavlovna, HMTI NAS Belarus
  • Urbanovich Vladimir Stepanovich, SPC for Materials Technology of NAS Belarus
  • Filatov Sergey Aleksandrovich, HMTI NAS Belarus

Registration of Participants

Registration form. Download file. Download file.
The completed Registration form in electronic form is sent to the address:

Accommodation for participants

Participants choose their own place of residence. There are no problems with accommodation in Minsk.

Contact the Organizing Committee FNCM-2018

15, P. Brovka Str., Minsk,
Belarus, 220072

City tel.: +375(17)284-24-90